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Luvvie Ajayi Jones is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and book marketing coach who thrives at the intersection of culture, business and leadership.

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Learn how in The Book Academy.

The Book Academy is a masterclass and platform dedicated to helping aspiring authors see their books in the hands of readers. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, if there’s a narrative burning within you, if you feel the urge to share your wisdom, struggles, joy, or expertise with the world, then the Academy is the right place.

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Innovation is disruption, and that is the approach Luvvie takes when speaking to companies and organizations across the globe.

Luvvie pulls from the well of truth to ensure that attendees have a transformative experience. Her goal is to enable people to take audacious action in culture, leadership and performance. She’s spoken at some of the world’s most innovative companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Spotify, Nike, Bank of America and Salesforce.

Her wildly popular TED talk, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” has over 9 million views and climbing.

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Luvvie’s four critically acclaimed books were instant New York Times bestsellers, establishing her as a literary force with a powerful pen.

Her thought leadership spans over 20 years, while her singular voice and razor sharp wit have spurred hundreds of thousands of people to feel joy, think critically, and take action that leaves this world better than they found it.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, Essence, The Chicago Tribune and more.


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Book Coach

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As the author of 4 New York Times bestselling books across 4 categories, Luvvie has a deep understanding of the literary world and what it takes to write a compelling book that people buy!

Luvvie is the founder of The Book Academy, where she teaches aspiring and established authors how to get clear on their book idea, find their voice and craft exceptional books. Through her flagship online course and private consulting, she leverages her vast experience and success in publishing to give clients the strategy and guidance they need to go from ideas to ink to impact.

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Professional Troublemaker

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Professional Troublemaker

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Creating a life that is audacious, bold and whole takes courage, and hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe have found that inspiration through the Professional Troublemaker podcast.

Through the thought-provoking conversations Luvvie has with her guests – people who have blazed trails in their industries, and made the BEST type of trouble – her listeners find the hope and inspiration they need to do the same.

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About Luvvie

Started in 2006, Luvvie’s award-winning blog on all things culture – from TV, and film to race and technology to shenanigans. Come for the recaps, stay for the cultural analysis.

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