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Join Luvvie as she interviews guests like Bozoma Saint John, Gabrielle Union, Glennon Doyle, Donna Brazile, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Tarana Burke and Elsa Majimbo – people who are committed to disrupting what is unjust for the greater good. People who take up the call of the late, great John Lewis, who charged us to “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

The conversations and stories you’ll hear on the Professional Troublemaker podcast will loan you courage to fight imposter syndrome, live more audaciously and cause good trouble.

Latest Episodes

Episode 38

Get Your Money (from Rising Troublemaker)

RISING TROUBLEMAKER: A Fear-Fighter Manual for Teens is out in the world! And today on the podcast, I’m sharing a sneak peek of the audiobook version I narrated. Listen to this episode featuring an excerpt from Chapter 8: Get Your Money, and make sure to grab a copy of RISING TROUBLEMAKER at or wherever books are sold!

Episode 37

Go For It (with Zaila Avant-garde)

This week, I’ve got a special RISING TROUBLEMAKER edition of the podcast. I’m talking to Zaila Avant-garde – spelling bee champ, basketball phenom, and future astronaut. This conversation will inspire you to go all-in on your goals as you listen to Zaila share how curious and disciplined she is about going after her goals.

Episode 36

Teach Them Young

Teens today deserve to know what we didn’t get a chance to. In this episode (and in my upcoming book RISING TROUBLEMAKER), I want to loan teens courage and share the cheat codes and lessons I wish I had learned as a teen, as well as some lessons I’m still learning.

Episode 35

Trust Your Gut (with Lisa Price)

In this encore episode, I’m talking to Carol’s Daughter founder and president Lisa Price. After building her company from its humble beginnings in her kitchen to a multimillion-dollar beauty empire, Lisa has paved the way and created space for Black women in business. Lisa and I are talking about what you can learn from ditching a path that’s not right for you, finding your way after the storm, and trusting your instincts.

Episode 34

Answer Your Fear (with Esther Perel)

In this conversation first shared as part of my book tour for Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to psychotherapist Esther Perel. Esther is a bestselling author, TED speaker and host of the hit podcasts Where Should We Begin? and How’s Work?

In this conversation, Esther and I talk about how fear shows up and how it speaks to us, how troublemakers answer to fear, success and how it can inspire and potentially intimidate us, and how community makes us stronger.

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Luvvie Ajayi Jones is a TED speaker, 3x New York Times bestselling author, and podcast host who thrives at the intersection of humor, technology, and justice.

Known for her trademark wit, warmth, perpetual truth-telling, and ability to put into words the thoughts few dare to say, Luvvie has graced stages around the globe for some of the world’s most innovative companies and conferences, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, MAKERS, SXSW and the Obama White House. Her wildly popular TED talk “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” has over 8.3 million views and climbing.

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