Build The Foundation (How I Built a Team)

Episode 2 - Season 5

About the Episode

In this episode, Luvvie pulls back the curtain on the rollercoaster of transitioning from being a solopreneur to running a 7-figure business. Needing to diversify revenue streams, she went from having one executive assistant to 7 full-time salaried employees (with benefits!). And all the plans she had for 2023, with strategy. How she created systems, strategy and plans to double her revenue. She walks us through her business transformation, from the highs of scaling up to a multimillion-dollar company, to the lows of shrinking down her ‘dream’ team.

I hired more people hoping to lighten the load, yet I’m still overworked, have too much on my plate, and under a lot of pressure.
I’m seeing all this money going out the account and wondering “Why am I still this stressed?

—Luvvie Ajayi Jones

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