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As a speaker, new media strategist and trainer, I present on the topics of brandingsocial media, blogging, digital marketing and online advocacy/activism and more. I can also speak to topics related to representation of minorities in media, feminism and race.

I would love to bring one of my dynamic talks to your college, conference and business so… if you’re looking for speakers, I’m ready and I come with “more people” aka testimonials.

To book me, email Dave Twombly of the Guild Agency at dave at theguildagency dot com.

Signature Workshops:

  • Blogging MasterClass: From Beginner to Boss
  • Branding in the Digital Age: It’s More Than Your Logo!
  • Being Awesome Online: Social Media Strategy the Right Way
  • Using Social Media for Social Good
  • Maintaining a Clean Online Reputation and Google Footprint

I can speak on topics beyond this, because I am in 3 different spaces: comedy, activism and technology. Let’s work together!

Here’s a list of my past and upcoming speaking engagements:


* Bridging the Divide Between Africans and African Americans (moderator) – Nigerian American Professionals Association (November 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits (workshop) – Donor’s Forum (November 2014) – Chicago, IL

Luvvie Speaking

I’m the one in the light blue in the front, in case you lost me amongst the high schoolers.

* Keynote with Issa Rae (moderator) – Blogalicious Conference (November 2014) – San Antonio, Texas

* Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (moderator) – Social Media Week Johannesburg (September 2014) – Johannesburg, South Africa

* Blogging MasterClass (workshop) – Social Media Week Johannesburg (September 2014) – Johannesburg, South Africa

* Being Authentically Awesome Online: 10×10 Project (community keynote) – BlogHer Conference (July 2014) – San Jose, CA

* WordPress Plugin Essentials (workshop) – BlogHer Conference (July 2014) – San Jose, CA

* Storytelling (talk) – Glappitnova Festival (July 2014) – Chicago, IL

* HIV 101: The Facts and Myths (workshop) – After School Matters (July 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Building Social Movements Through Social Media (workshop) – Free Spirit Media (July 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Innovators, Creators and Entrepreneurs: Taking Charge in the Tech Industry to Bridge the Gap (panel moderator) – Rainbow PUSH Convention (July 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Building Communities with 21st Century Technology (panel) – Rainbow PUSH Convention (July 2014) – Chicago, IL

* The Art of Revolution (panel) – Loc Appreciation Day (June 2014) – New York, NY

* Blogging 101: Crash Course (workshop) – GlobalGirl Media (June 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Our Brave New (Online) World (panel) – DePaul University School for New Learning (May 2014) – Chicago, IL

* Blogging MasterClass: From Beginner to Boss (workshop) – Social Media Week Lagos (February 2014) – Lagos, Nigeria

* There’s an App for that! How Smartphone Apps are changing Travel in Africa (panel) – Social Media Week Lagos (February 2014) – Lagos, Nigeria

* Branding: It’s More Than Your Logo (workshop) – New Media Expo (January 2014) – Las Vegas, NV

Luvvie Issa Rae FOCUS100

Fireside Chat with Issa Rae at FOCUS 100 (October 2013). We didn’t dress alike on purpose.


Dressing for College Success (workshop) – University of Illinois Chicago (November 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Being Great Online: Maintaining Your Online Reputation (workshop) – Texas Women’s University Cultural Connections Leadership Conference (November 2013) – Denton, TX

* Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Social Media and You (workshop) – Homefree-USA Reaching Millions Leadership and Training Conference (October 2013) – Nashville, TN

* Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: How Feminism Has Changed Pop Culture—For Better and Worse (panel) – GeekGirlCon (October 2013) – Seattle, WA

* Laugh Riot: Using Humor as a Tool for Social Change! (panel) – GeekGirlCon (October 2013) – Seattle, WA

* Blogging and Content Marketing Strategy (workshop) – Content Jam (October 2013) – Chicago, IL

One-on-One Firesite Chat with Issa Rae (keynote moderator) – FOCUS100 (October 2013) – New York, NY

* All-Star Blogger Keynote (panel) – Blogalicious (October 2013) – Atlanta, GA

* XFINITY Comcast Scandal Watch Party (hosting) – Blogalicious (October 2013) – Atlanta, GA

* Social Media Content Strategy: Being Awesome Online (workshop) – Educating for Change Conference at UMass Dartmouth (September 2013) – Dartmouth, MA

* Branding in the Digital Age (workshop) – Social Media Week Chicago (September 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Blogging 101 Crash Course (workshop) – StoryStudio Chicago (September 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Unlimited Possibilities (panel) – The Ladies Who Lunch (September 2013) – Chicago, IL

Superwomen in Business: Power in Entrepreneurialism (panel) – LMO Foundation (September 2013) – Chicago, IL

The Power of Us – How Individuals and Organizations are Shaping the News (panel) – Why News Matters Summit (August 2013) – Chicago, IL

meelonjames* Our Brave New (Online) World (panel) – DePaul University School for New Learning (August 2013) – Chicago, IL

* “Half Women, Half Amazing” Fashion Show (co-host) – BlogHer Conference (July 2013) – Chicago, IL

* WordPress Plugin Essentials (workshop) – BlogHer Conference (July 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Using Social Media For a Cause (panel) – HOBY World Leadership Congress (July 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Blogging Your Story (workshop) – Global Girl Media (July 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Social Media for Business (workshop) – The Riverbank Social Media Conference (June 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Social Media Bootcamp for Teens (workshop) – GlobalGirl Media World Summit (June 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Turning Your Brand up to 11 with a Podcast (duo presentation) – Blogging While Brown Conference (June 2013) – New York, NY

The Beauty of Social Media (panel) – The Makeup Show (June 2013) – Chicago, IL

* Creating Great Content for Social Media: A Strategy Workshop (workshop) – NeighborWorks Symposium (May 2013) – Portland, OR

* Maintaining Your Online Reputation (workshop) – Using Voices (April 2013) – Chicago, IL

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Africa (panel) – MIT Africa Innovate Conference (March 2013) – Cambridge, MA

Blogging 101: Crash Course (workshop) – StoryStudio Chicago (March 2013) – Chicago, IL

Top Ten Black Innovators Awards (hosting) – SXSW Blacks in Tech Weekend (March 2013) – Austin, TX

Make Your Brain Twerk: Using Creativity, Humor and Tech to spread your message (panel) – South by Southwest (March 2013) – Austin, TX

#Scandal: How Television’s Hottest Show is Fueled by Social Media (panel) – South by Southwest (March 2013) – Austin, TX

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (panel) – Social Media Week Lagos (February 2013) – Lagos, Nigeria

* Social Media for Nonprofits: Telling Your Story Through Blogging, Twitter and Facebook (workshop) – Womencare Counseling (January 2013) – Chicago, IL

Mobilizing Key Constituencies Online (workshop presentation) – Health Action Conference (January 2013) – Washington DC


Teen Pregnancy Prevention workshop (workshop) – Austin People’s Action Center (December 2012) – Chicago, IL

Entrepreneurs in Digital Media (panel) – Pan-African Entrepreneurs Conference (November 2012) – Online

Impact of HIV/AIDS on Young People (solo presentation) – National Council of Women in the Diaspora (November 2012) – Chicago, IL

Social Media for Activism (solo presentation) – NEIU Empowerment Through Technology Day (October 2012) – Chicago, IL

Tech Opportunities in Politics (panel) – FOCUS100 (October 2012) – New York, NY

Blogging 101 (workshop) – StoryStudio Chicago (September 2012) – Chicago, IL

Blogging for Nonprofits (solo presentation) – Social Media for Nonprofits Chicago Conference (September 2012) – Chicago, IL

* Strategic Content Development Across Multiple Media: Onstage, Onscreen, and Online (panel) – BlogHer Conference (August 2012) – New York, NY

* Blogging 101 (workshop) – StoryStudio Chicago (July 2012) – Chicago, IL

* Twitter 101 (workshop) – StoryStudio Chicago (June 2012) – Chicago, IL

* SEO 101 Social Media Clinic (workshop) – Blogging While Brown Conference (June 2012) – Philadelphia, PA

Your Personal Brand: It actually Is All About You (Opening keynote trio presentation) – Blogging While Brown Conference (May 2012) – Philadelphia, PA

* Blogging for Advocacy (workshop) – New Leaders Council (May 2012) – Chicago, IL

The Importance of Making Responsible Choices with Your Body (duo presentation) – ACE Girls Lock-In (May 2012) – Chicago, IL

Social Media Seminar – How to market yourself and your products; the legalities of social media (duo presentation) – AFTRA Chicago (April 2012) – Chicago, IL

* Twitter 201: How to use Twitter for fundraising, public relations and and branding (duo presentation) – Chicago Social Media Summit (April 2012) – Chicago, IL


* A Woman’s Worth (duo presentation) – “I Am Shero” Summit (October 2011) – Chicago, IL

* HIV/AIDS 101 (panel) – LucidWords Empowerment Teen Forum (October 2011) – Chicago, IL

* Utilizing Social Media to Engage the Community (webinar) – National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (August 2011) – Online

* Rock the Red Pump: Building an Online Community in Recognition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (duo presentation) – CDC National HIV Prevention Conference (August 2011) – Atlanta, GA

* Blogging and Social Media for Advocacy (workshop) – New Leaders Council (May 2011) – Chicago, IL

* Blacking It Up! Live Show (panel) – This Week in Blackness (April 2011) – New York, NY

Luvvie speaking

* Facebook for Nonprofits (duo presentation) – Chicago Social Media Summit (April 2011) – Chicago, IL

* Maintaining a Good Online Reputation (duo presentation) – AKA Teen Summit (March 2011) – Chicago, IL

* New Nonprofits (duo presentation) – Nonprofit Technology Conference (March 2011) – Atlanta, GA


* Blogging 101: The Ten Commandments of Blogging (duo presentation) – Blogalicious Weekend (October 2010) – Miami, FL

* Humor Writing Lab (panel moderator) – BlogHer Conference (August 2010) – New York, NY

* Beyond Gossip, Hip Hop, Hair, and Politics: Bloggers as Change Agents and Educators (panel) – Blogging While Brown Conference (June 2010) – Washington DC

* Using Twitter to further your organization’s mission (workshop) – Community Media Workshop (May 2010) – Chicago, IL

* Getting the eWord Out (panel) – National LGBT Tobacco Control Network (February 2010) – Chicago, IL


* Introduction to Social Media Strategy (duo presentation) – NeighborWorks Symposium (August 2009) – Chicago, IL

* Social Media and Twitter – How It Can Benefit Tutoring and Mentoring Programs (solo presentation) – Tutor-Mentor Conference (Nov. 2009) – Chicago, IL

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