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Episode 24

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We have another encore episode this week on Professional Troublemaker. I’m in conversation with Jovian Zayne, international speaker, professional development coach, leader of the OnPurpose Movement, and overall embodiment of epicness.

As a recognized thought leader in the professional development and diversity spaces, Jovian centers her work around empowering people to discover, celebrate, and activate the power within their purpose.

Her mantra, “Live On Purpose”, translates across both her professional and personal lives, as Jovian uses these three words as a metric to assess the impact and value of the work she’s doing in the world and in her home as a wife and mother.

When it comes to understanding your why and your purpose, Jovian encourages us to pay attention to the breadcrumb moments that help recall who we were created to be and the work we’re supposed to commit to doing.

That version of you should always be in alignment with your heart and soul’s desires.

Jovian understood her why at a very young age and lives her life in a way that teaches others to honor their inner callings and do the same.

Her initiative, Day Of Purpose, encourages us all to reflect on our purpose, and share our stories with the world using the hashtag, #DayOfPurpose.

Day of Purpose is on June 20th this year and serves as a culmination of experiences that tell stories of people who have committed to living their lives on purpose every single day.

I love how Jovian embodies purpose and uses it to highlight the beauty of authenticity in every area of one’s life. She’s committed to using her privilege to encourage the human spirit. choosing, each day, to do her part and loan courage to those of us who could use a little help following the trail of our own breadcrumbs.

You can learn more about Day Of Purpose and sign up to participate yourself at

There is a purpose in the current assignment.

Remember that you did not end up there by accident.

—Jovian Zayne

If I’m a true reflection of God and my creator,

I should be shining all the time.

—Jovian Zayne

Not everybody who is in your circle is on your time.

There are different moments when you need different people in your life.

—Jovian Zayne

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