Affirm Yourself (ABCs of Troublemaking)

Episode 3 - Little Troublemaker Special

About the Episode

Welcome to the Professional Troublemaker podcast, where we celebrate audacity, disruption, and purpose. With host, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, bestselling author and advocate for authenticity. Join Luvvie for candid conversations with world-changers about culture, business, leadership, and life.

In this special series, Luvvie dives into all things ‘Little Troublemaker.’ In this episode, Luvvie explores the ABCs of troublemaking, inspired by the late John Lewis’ call for ‘good trouble.’ Discover how embracing audacity and fearlessness can change your world and the world around you.

And find out more about ‘Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess,’ a delightful tale celebrating the fearless disruptors among us.

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