Pull the Weeds (with Sally Thornton, Team Gardener)

Episode 4 - Season 5

About the Episode

In this episode, Luvvie is joined by Sally Thornton, HR Consultant and the Founder of Forshay, to give her insider perspective as ‘team gardener’ on the dysfunction, blind spots, and the necessary overhaul of Awe Luv Media. Luvvie and Sally explore the complexities of leadership, the importance of truth-telling in business, and managing team dynamics through turbulent transitions. They share insights on the significance of financial management, the challenges of scaling, maintaining productivity amidst internal conflicts, and the journey of rebuilding a more intentional and focused company. Sally emphasizes the importance of aligning work with energy and passion, and shares practical tips on team building for solopreneurs and small business owners.

If you follow your energy, inevitably beautiful things bloom.

—Sally Thornton

The beautiful thing that bloomed when my whole team crumbled, was I started following my energy, because I now had nothing to lose.

—Luvvie Ajayi Jones

About the Guest

Sally Thornton

Sally Thornton - Headshot

Sally is the CEO & Founder of Forshay, a firm that takes a holistic lens on how hard work can accomplished more easily, as it’s essential to have both the right players on the team, and the culture and organizational structure that enables people to do their best work. Forshay does this in two ways – with a modern approach to executive recruiting, and by supporting overworked teams with interim experts in the People/HR and Marketing domains — all grounded with inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging.

A speaker in two TEDx talks (one on the Future of Work where a few things might have come true since the pandemic), Sally’s been featured in numerous media including the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Harvard Business Review, and regularly lectures at Stanford and UC Berkeley. However, her friends say the only thing that people really want to hear is that she was in two Prince videos.

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