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This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to entrepreneur, business strategist, and star of “She’s the Boss” on USA Networks, Nicole Walters.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar personal development and business education empire. After quitting her corporate job on live stream in front of 10,000 people, Nicole uses all the skills and knowledge she learned in the corporate world and specializes in business development training and strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. She works with everyone from stay-at-home parents to small business owners, and her transformative resources help everyday entrepreneurs build a legacy they will be proud of.

This conversation with Nicole is everything I love about the Professional Troublemaker podcast – it’s a hilarious conversation filled with absolutely brilliant information dropped by my conversation partner.

Nicole first burst on the scene when she gained a following on Periscope and quit her job on livestream. As she talked about that experience, she shared one of the reasons behind why she did it – she didn’t want to wait until the end of a 30 year corporate career to create the life that she wanted for herself and for her family. She had created a financial safety net, had clients and was ready to step out and do her own thing. In the past six years, she’s built Inherit Learning Company – a multi-million-dollar company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Nicole has 20 employees with full benefits, full health care, 401(k), all while being a fully debt-free, women-owned, minority-owned business that helps business owners thrive across the globe. While it may be tempting to look at Nicole (or anyone you see online killing it) and assume that they got there overnight, I loved what she had to say about her success in the quote below:

Nicole and I talk a lot about the importance of operating in your zone of genius – which I’m learning as I grow my team is one of the most critical skills I can develop. We talk about how Nicole stepped in last summer to gather me and help me get myself and my attention together leading up to my book launch and why it matters so much to focus and prepare for big moments.

And we talk about the importance of having a tight circle of family and friends who are there to support you, and who are also there to give you a reason to create and maintain boundaries. We’re not out here trying to build a life where we’re running ourselves ragged and accepting every opportunity that comes our way just because it has money attached to it.

You need to listen to this episode, and make sure you download the transcript because there are some amazing quotes from Nicole all the way through this conversation. We’re laughing one minute and dropping profound knowledge and info the next minute. It’s so good.

I hope you’ll follow Nicole on social media so you can get into everything she is doing to better the world and her family. She’s @nicolewalters on Instagram and everywhere else online. And make sure you watch She’s The Boss on USA Networks. They’re a couple of episodes in, but you can catch up on the USA website.

Shareable Moments:

  • “My career may look like a microwave minute, but it’s actually a Crockpot success.”
  • “Everybody has an essential role, once you figure out what that looks like, it’s your job to seek out the people around you to support you operating in your area of excellence.”
  • “If you are operating in your zone of genius, the world is going to rise to meet you. There are opportunities unseen, and you want to be your best self when they arrive.”
  • “Not all money is good money, and not all money is God money.”
  • “Be proud of your no, because your no is going to be your biggest protector sometimes.”
  • “Understand that God is inserting people in your life now that are going to give you the tools for the things you are meant to accomplish later.”

My career may look like a microwave minute, but

it’s actually a crockpot success.

—Nicole Walters

If you are operating in your zone of genius, the world is going to rise to meet you.

There are opportunities unseen, and you want to be your best self when they arrive.

—Nicole Walters

Not all money is good money, and

Not all money is God money.

—Nicole Walters

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Nicole Walters

Own Your Success (with Nicole Walters)

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