Loan Others Courage (with KevOnStage)

Episode 27

About the Episode

Fear can easily stop you when you’re trying to do big things in the world. But when you refuse to let it get in your way and keep moving, you can create opportunities for yourself to succeed and then invite others to come alongside you.


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This conversation with KevOnStage AKA Kevin Fredericks was a vulnerable and hilarious conversation that needed to be shared on the podcast. Originally recorded as part of the Professional Troublemaker book tour in March 2021, this convo has us getting real about each of our journeys, how we have each created opportunities for ourselves and some of the growing pains that follow.

I give you permission not to like me.

People be like, “I’m disappointed in you.”

I disappoint myself every day, baby.


About the Guest



Kevin Fredericks p/k/a KevOnStage is an actor, stand-up comedian and content creator who loves making people laugh more than anything.

KevOnStage honed his comedic skills while growing up as a military kid. Who knew that the humor and quick wit he used to keep up with his naturally funny family and to quickly make friends as they relocated from city to city would one day turn into a successful career? Over time, with a comedy style deeply rooted in faith, family and over-all reliability, KevOnStage has made a name for himself as a content creator on social media. His hilarious content across all platforms has resulted in hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of views, and has allowed him to flourish in the world of entertainment by writing, directing and producing for tv and film, helping him grow a booming digital media company.

Kevin can be found on all social media outlets as KevOnStage. And, for more information about his podcasts, merchandise, master class, show dates, booking, and all things KevOnStage, go to


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