Push Forward (with Latham Thomas)

Episode 23

About the Episode

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking with wellness maven to the stars, self-proclaimed Mother of mothers, and our favorite queen regent of radical self-care, Latham Thomas.

Latham has literally written the books on how to be fabulous while pregnant and actualize your glow as a modern woman and mother. Her brand @GlowMaven works to democratize doula services and maternal support by spotlighting the global crisis that is Black maternal health.

Latham is an incredible storyteller and she lets us in on how the birth of her son catapulted her into her purpose. We learn about birthing as a chemical, transformative experience and how her ancestors showed up on her behalf to guide her through the process.

This episode shines a light on the Black maternal health crisis and how racial bias, education, and economic stability all play a role in the staggering statistic of black women dying or experiencing health complications during childbirth.

Latham has committed to being a mother to mothers and holding the hands of women – literally and figuratively – as a doula during and after pregnancy. Her view that the birthing process shouldn’t be as scary and difficult as it is for women and birthing people in this country is what fuels her work spotlighting this global crisis.

She has joined forces with Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, to model advocacy for Black Maternal Health through an initiative called Love Delivered. You can learn more about their work and how to stand alongside them by visiting mamaglowfoundation.org and carolsdaughter.com/lovedelivered

Everybody deserves to feel honored in their birth.

And every woman deserves to feel transformed and deserves safety and empowerment in the process.

—Latham Thomas

Maternal health is not a Black woman’s issue.

It’s a human rights issue.

—Latham Thomas

A calling is different from a passion. Our life’s work, we often come to it through passion and excitement, but

the sustained commitment is because you feel called to do something.

—Latham Thomas

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Latham Thomas

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