Be Less Apologetic (with Kimberly Blackwell)

Episode 12

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This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to media and communications powerhouse, Kimberly Blackwell, about being unapologetic!

We begin the conversation by talking about her start as an all-around people’s person and how she transformed into the c-suite media mogul we know today.

In her adolescence, Kimberly wanted to become a doctor, like most of the guests we have on Professional Troublemaker. During that time,  she didn’t have examples of jobs that could accumulate major bucks other than being a doctor or lawyer. After a stint in pre-med, substitute teaching, and working as a vice president of advertising and marketing at an apparel company, she was inspired by a mentor to go into business for herself.

Cue purpose.

Kimberly is not afraid of taking charge and owning her success, because she knows her value. She knows how to mitigate, execute, and use her resources to make things happen. Knowing her value disintegrates that ever-so challenging Imposter Syndrome and is what encourages her to continue to make boss moves over and over again.

Kimberly delves into being an advocate for having community, having positive women to be vulnerable with, and the strength she has found in her friends, like me.  During the pandemic, Kimberly and I, along with other genuine boss women, would call each other to check-in. Every Sunday at 4 p.m., we held space for each other which helped us all get through many emotions and circumstances. Know your tribe!

We get into the good and the challenging parts of living in your purpose unapologetically. Grab a notebook and a pen, and get your life with the latest episode of Professional Troublemaker.

Be sure to follow Kim on social media. She’s @kimblackwellpmm on Instagram and on Twitter, and be sure to tag her when you share this episode and let her know you loved it.

I want us to be less apologetic

about the things that we deserve and work hard for.

—Kimberly Blackwell

I am Black and I’m a woman. And so I don’t get the same level of forgiveness and do-overs others might.

First impression is lasting impression for me.

—Kimberly Blackwell

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Kimberly Blackwell

Kim Blackwell

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