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About Awe Luv Media

Community of Courage. Platform of Power. Emboldening Empire. Homeland of Humor. Sphere of Service. Area of Audacity. Town of Truth. District of Dopeness.

Awe Luv is a media company that creates content to make people feel joy, think critically and compel them to take action that leaves this world better than they found it. The company is led by our founder and CEO, New York Times bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi Jones. Our purpose is to embolden people to be as audacious AF and use that boldness in service of the world.

Awe Luv Media Core Values
  • We operate with radical transparency and honesty
  • We create elevated work which removes barriers to understanding
  • We operate in ways that affirms ours, and others, gifts
  • We are forever students who are constantly learning and growing, even at what we’re already good at
  • We show up authentically as ourselves in all ways
  • We ask you to challenge us, and yourself, every day. Opposing viewpoints are valued and thoughtful disagreement is encouraged
  • Operating with the end in mind, we are proactive and strategic thinkers who know that “planning prevents piss poor performance” so we aren’t left constantly reacting to things we could have foreseen
  • Team is a verb. We collaborate and support each other without shame or judgement

Luvvie’s other platforms

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LuvvNation is a space to build community, find courage, and get life and career cheat codes. Also, get some good cackles in! Imagine LinkedIn for disruptors.

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The Merch is the online store for the Borders Generation. If you loved sitting in bookstores for hours and geeking out over books and cool gifts, this is for you.

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The Blog

Started in 2006, Luvvie’s award-winning blog on all things culture – from TV, and film to race and technology to shenanigans. Come for the recaps, stay for the cultural analysis.

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