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Writer. Techie. Speaker. Host. Activist. Ambassador. Influencer. Curator of dope things. Creator of awesome content.

Luvvie’s platforms and content are based upon the foundation of truth-telling. Whether she is talking about pop culture, social media or social justice, she uses her unique voice to approach her work. The result is authentic connection and powerful engagement with the intended audience.


For Brands & Consumer Companies

Luvvie partners with brands for campaigns that she has an affinity for and that her audience will respond to and engage well with. As an influencer with integrity and someone who’s knowledgeable in reaching people effectively and strategically, she collaborates seamlessly with partners to realize campaign objectives. She has worked with a range of major brands including:


Luvvie excels at creating content that rises above the noise online, and works with brands to create custom work that passes on key messaging of the campaign while still being true to her voice.

Editorial integrity is mandatory for Luvvie, and this is one reason why her followers trust her fervently. Luvvie’s audience is always at the forefront and she partner with brands for campaigns that she feels will resonate with LuvvNation, on whatever platform she engages them.

Experience/Events Ambassador

Luvvie curates experiences and serves as an event ambassador for everything from travel journeys to award shows. If she’s in the room, so are the hundreds of thousands of people who follow her via her social media platforms. 

Using dynamic pictures and videos, she takes her curious and engaged audience with her on adventures, giving them insider access to the fun, the learnings and the reason why your event or locale is important. She sits with your teams, shows the people behind the magic, and gives a behind the scenes look on why your brand is relevant, innovative and awesome.

Her audience was right with her when she sat next to Richard Branson as he introduced his latest product and they shared a laugh when Oprah rubbed Luvvie’s newly shaved head. They were backstage with her in the 10 different cities of the Together Tour and they went with her on her trips to Nigeria, Ghana, Paris,  South Africa and Kenya. And they got the inside scoop when she was at the NAACP Image Awards, ESSENCEFest and at the Academy Awards. It is a virtual “show and tell” of sending postcards home. “You should be here. Xoxo, Luvvie.”

If you’re interested in working with Luvvie and would like to get her media kit, inquire about rates or book her for an event, send an email to Luvvie at aweluv dot com.

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