Work With Me

I’m a writer, techie, speaker, host, ambassador, influencer, personality, activist, curator of dope things and creator of awesome content. I have a fierce shoe habit, a love of travel and a red velvet cupcake addiction. I run 2 websites (Awesomely Luvvie and Awesomely Techie) AND a national nonprofit organization called The Red Pump Project that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Read my full bio.

I am incredibly passionate about technology and all its power, and I use it to engage, educate and inspire. Whether I’m talking about pop culture, social media or social justice, I use my unique voice to approach my work.

  • Brands

    For brands and consumer companies

    I like to align myself with brands and companies who are looking for innovative partnerships that are mutually beneficial. As an influencer with integrity and someone who’s knowledgeable in reaching people effectively and strategically, I’m pretty sure we can collaborate and do something awesome. Also, it needs to be organic to what I already represent. I’ve worked with a range of major brands such as XFINITY Comcast, McDonald’s, Target, BET, Nielsen, HGTV, Verizon and Toyota.

    Sponsored posts and Campaigns

    I am really good at creating content that rises above the noise online, and I like to work with brands to create work that is custom, passes on whatever messaging they are committed to, and still very true to my voice. On Awesomely Luvvie, I focus on all things pop culture, buzzworthy or just relevant to my life in general. On Awesomely Techie, I focus on passing on useful information around business and technology.

    I maintain editorial integrity always, and this is why readers of this blog trust me. My audience is always at the forefront and I partner with brands for campaigns and posts that I think will resonate with LuvvNation, on my sites and across my social networks.

    Experience/Events Ambassador

    I curate experiences from travel journeys to award shows to behind the scenes of sets. If I’m in the room, so are over 250,000 people who follow me through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Using dynamic pictures, I take my curious and engaged audience with me on adventures, giving them insider access to the fun, the learnings and the reason why your event or locale is important. They were right there when I met Shonda Rhimes, Lupita N’yongo, Kerry Washington and others. They went with me on my trips to Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. And they got the inside scoop when I was at the NAACP Image Awards and at the Academy Awards. It is a virtual “show and tell” of sending postcards home. “You should be here. Xoxo, Luvvie.”

    at the 2012 Academy Awards

    On the red carpet at the 2012 Academy Awards

  • Conferences

    For conferences and nonprofits

    I’ve presented and spoken at a variety of conferences around the world including: SXSW, Social Media Week (Chicago, Lagos, Johannesburg), Nonprofit Technology Conference, BlogHer, SAG-AFTRA Broadcast Conference, Social Media for Nonprofits Conference, Techne Summit, among others.

    I love to teach people how to create strong digital footprints to help them further their missions and reach their professional goals. My talks are edutainment, in that participants will learn concrete things in my presentations, while getting some laughs in. Boring people with terrible PowerPoints is my kryptonite!

    Keynote speaker, masterclass presenter, moderator, panelist

    Whether I’m doing a TED-style talk on Creating Personal Style That Matches Your Brand Values or storytelling about my journey as a blogger or giving a masterclass on blogging, my talks are engaging, informative and memorable.

    Luvvie at ALT 7

    Topics of workshops I present include (but are not limited to):

    Blogging MasterClass: From Beginner to Boss
    Branding: It’s More Than Your Logo
    SEO 101: Make Google Love You!
    Social Media for Advocacy and Activism (Social Media for Social Good)
    Social Media Content Strategy: Being Awesome Online
    The Key to Successful Twitter Townhalls

    My presentation or talk will be customized to fit your audience’s needs and to give them the most value. A list of my prior speaking engagements is on my speaking page.

  • Individuals

    For business owners, bloggers and writers

    As a social media strategist and branding coach with over 9 years of experience, I teach people how to create strong digital footprints to help them further their missions and reach their professional goals. My students and clients walk away more confident and knowledgeable about how to create and sustain a strong voice and business online.

    I do 1-on-1 coaching sessions can be anything from brainstorming (“I need help figuring out what my blog should be about”) to deeper strategic sessions (“How do we make our brand voice stand out?”). You will walk away with more clarity, focus and with actionable items on what to do next.

    Each session is an hour long (on phone, Google Hangout or in person), and will include a 15-minute follow-up on progress. For bigger projects, a package of multiple sessions can be ordered.


    Everyone has a brand but some are stronger than others. I can help you figure out what your online reputation or brand currently is, and how to strengthen your voice. Does your blog’s tone match your social media accounts? Also, do you have a cohesive visual identity for your business or blog? Let’s figure it out together.

    Site Audit

    Does your site say what you need it to say? Is your blog optimized for users and is the content coming across clear and with the intention you need it to? I will take a look at your website or blog and make suggestions on improvements, tell you what’s working and what you need to do to ensure that it continues to capture the attention of those who visit.

    Social Media Marketing

    How effective are you being with your presence on various social networks? Where is your audience living, and are you meeting them there? What type of content should you be posting to get their attention?

  • Media

    For media outlets and networks

    Media Appearances

    As a cultural critic, I can speak about a broad range of topics, including race, feminism, celebrities, social media, business, entrepreneurship, and more. I’ve done television, radio, digital and print. I’ve appeared on a variety of networks including Al Jazeera America, HLN, ABC, NBC, WGN and more. I’ve worked with HGTV, TVOne, BET, XFINITY Comcast. I can also be tapped on for hosting duties!

    Luvvie Hosting HGTV 3

     TV Show Campaigns

    As a pop culture addict, one of the spaces I’m influential in is television, as a consumer and amplifier of good content. My love of TV crosses genres, from reality TV to dramas to comedies, and when I watch, I make it a community event. Whether I’m tuned in to Scandal (ABC) or Game of Thrones (HBO), or House Hunters (HGTV), my audience will watch along with me just for the fear of missing out.

    I bring the fun, the snark and the cackles via my social media channels, and people pay attention. My live-tweets are fast, accurate and hilarious. People who might not plan on watching your show might tune in just because I’m watching.

    Shonda Rhimes Luvvie Tweet


    I am a contributing editor and columnist for TheGrio, and I have written for several publications including Essence Magazine, Vulture, Huffington PostEBONYThe Root and more.

  • Schools

    For schools and students

    Generation social media has to know how to maneuver a world where they’re under more scrutiny than ever, from content they post freely, to those that their friends use. They are also never too young to learn about how they can make social media work for them. I love educating young people, from middle schoolers to college kids about all things technology, from the gifts to the curses.

    Luvvie-Speaking GlobalGirl

    The topics I can present to your class include (but are not limited to):

    – Maintaining a Good Online Footprint
    – Entrepreneurship: The Good, the Bad, the Passion
    – Blogging 101: Telling Your Story like a Boss
    – Being Awesome at Social Media

    Because of my work with The Red Pump Project, I can also facilitate HIV/AIDS 101 workshops, where I teach the facts, debunk the myths and encourage that they stay safe above all else. These are appropriate for 13-25 year olds.

If you’re interested in working with me and would like to get my media kit, inquire about my rates or book me for an event, send an email to Luvvie at aweluv dot com.